Folded Wings Wanderings

Nope, no poetry here. It is hidden, so let me tell you why and how to find it!

As a writing assignment (for the Future of Storytelling course from Iversity), I created a Location Based Story. That is, a story based around locations, where the places are an important part of the story itself and help telling it. Because most students lived far away and I wanted to make this story accessible to more people, I have chosen to work with general locations that can be found in a lot of places. For example: the location that starts the story is a playground.

The story itself consists of three poems that are each linked to a place. My idea is that we all have similar associations with similar locations and that those ideas, memories, feelings etc. will help to tell this little tale.

If you are curious (and I hope that you are), you can find the beginning at
The instructions on how to begin are given there. Basically how it works is that you visit a similar location near you and send in a picture of it, together with your e-mail. You will then receive an e-mail with the first part of the story and instructions on how to find the next. No information you send in will be disclosed without your permission, your e-mail will only be used to send you the poems.

Any feedback is most welcome as this is a bit of an experiment. I know how I intended it, and I am very curious what it is like to experience the story.

Happy hunting!


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